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The Phoenix Lights

The Phoenix Lights
by Steve D.Am.

March 13, 1997, Phoenix, Arizona
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The Phoenix LightsRECAP OF TIME LINE: DATELINE: July 2, 1997
My Name is Steve D.Am. I am a UFO researcher from Central Florida. An article appeared in the Orlando Sentinel paper on Friday June 27, 1997.(insert in paper called rave) The Article was By DNA Smith and it's title "The Phoenix UFOmystery solved".
It begins detailing the events on March 13,1997. Stating that the residents of Paulden Arizona, saw something strange in the night sky. They described it as being very large and "a boomerang shaped craft"- what they thought was a UFO.
Hundreds of Arizonians reported the sighting, which was possibly witnessed by thousands of people. The article goes on to say "so what did those people see? - did they see an actual alien space craft? - based on the published reports in USA Today and CNN, plus my own research, I'd have to say no."
"What the people of Pauldon, Phoenix, Tempe and other cities witnessed was not a UFO, but an experimental military aircraft - perhaps making an emergency landing. What they most likely saw was either a modified B-2 Stealth bomber or a next generation prototype Stealth aircraft"
"The first clue is the shape. All the witnesses agreed that they saw something big and boomerang - shaped in the air. The B-2 is a classic "flying wing"design", which looks very much like a huge boomerang when seen from above (or the ground). "The second major clue is the crafts flight path. Hundreds of people through central and south central Arizona followed the path of the craft until it "disappeared" near Tucson "That's because it no doubt landed at Monthan Air Force Base,which sit's right next door to Tucson. Davis -Montahn home to many hi-tech fighters and bombers which routinely use roughly the sameflight paths in their training missions. "The reason I think this was an experimental aircraft is because if it were just a B-2 Bomber on a training run,the Air Force would have said so. "Also because the Air Force flies it's planes along the same route as the "UFO" I would think the residents would have gotten used to their presence in the air by now. What they saw was something outside of their normal experience, which leads me to believe they witnessed an experimental craft. "Another reason is the proximity of two military installations within a few hundred miles of each other-their mission solely to design,develop and test experimental aircraft." The first to the north and east of Paulden ,Arizona is the White sands missile range Utah launch complex(R-6413),dubbed "The new Area 51. "White sands is the Air Forces new launch site for the x-33 shuttle and other experimental aircraft. "The second site is southwest of Colorado Springs -The Air Force Space Command and it's Space Warfare Center(SWC). The SWC is home to the 576th Flight Test Squadron,which tests prototypeaircraft.""What I believe happened was a very large experimental aircraft took off from either White Sands or the SWC on a test flight, got into trouble and hadto make an emergency landing. "The closest Air Force Base the pilot could turn to that could accommodate a craft of it's size was Davis-Monthan AFB,south of Tucson,so he took the same route the pilots from there routinely used,hoping he wouldn't draw attention to himself. "Unfortunately,he drew alto of attention to himself and now thousands of people think he's ET."
"So according to staff writer,that's all there is to say regarding the Phoenix sightings."Am sure the residents of Arizona would like to hear of this explanation. Oh,and you have wonder did "another experimental aircraft run into trouble just recently over Las Vegas" Am sure there will be an explanation for that soon enough. Take care and best wishes in all your endeavors.
DATELINE: July 1, 1997
new video is surfacing in Phoenix. It was shot in the daytime by a couple in the west Phoenix area. I believe it was shot within the last three months. It collaborates the sighting I had on 6-23-97 of a silver metallic reflecting object just over or on the ground of the Estrella Mountain peak. In our sighting the object disappears and reappears in a different location of the Mountain. An almost identical situation was captured on video and here is a description.

Two silverly objects are seen hovering over a northern part of the Estrellas Moutains. The two objects are quite close together and very close to one of the hills, not far from touching the ground. There are several other mountains in the shot including one aircraft flying overhead at a higher altitude. The objects remain in a rock solid hover for at least one minute. Suddenly one of the objects disappears into nothing and is gone. Then another object appears except its farther away and flys into the scene from behind a mountain. As its cruising to the left,this object does a sudden "jump" to another position. In 1/30 of a second it appears to travel over half a mile, then resumes its normal speed again. After this happens the original object hovering more in the foreground suddenly drops.
They don't appear to be flares in the video, and since most of the objects maneuver in a fashion flares can't. I would rule that out of this video. The exact location of the UFO ground area will be investigation by the entire Arizona Skywatch International with help from Village Labs. I was invited to see this video, and it was also viewed by Bill Hamilton.
What this video does prove is a theory. Something is going on by the Estrella Mountains and whatever it is, military, or ET. They're coming in low and the videos are coming closer to actually videotaping one on the ground.
DATELINE: June 30, 1997
There is still a hive of UFO activity in and around Phoenix! Many people reported seeing the objects, described as glowing balls of light. Eyewitnesses videotaped the sightings, and these tapes were played on the local Arizona nightly news as the "lead story"!
UFO activity is continuing!
Just this week, on the evening of Wednesday, April 16th, several people,reported a fantastic UFO sighting over Uptown Sedona. It consisted of two rows of glowing objects that appeared to be connected by a cylindrical object.
It was extremely slow moving, and emitted a very low humming sound. It maneuvered unlike any airplane or helicopter that the eyewitness had ever seen. It also did not make any typical airplane or helicopter sounds. The local, state, and federal governments continue to deny any knowledge of these UFOs.
Monday June 23, 1997, I participated in a radio talk show in Gainsville, Florida, hosted by Todd Lewis. Todd's guests were Tom Ley and Jim Diletto of The Phoenix Lights fame.
The discussion basically was an overview of the incident with Mr. Ley retelling the events and Mr. Diletto expressing his belief in UFOs and how he was reconstructing the sighting using a virtual reality model. Mr. Ley made some comments concerning his sighting of the craft on March 13, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona, which I'm not sure had been previously reported.
Everything I had read stated the craft slowly flew over Phoenix and once again slowly drifted away. Mr. Ley states the v-shaped craft shoot into view traveling at mach 1 or higher before coming to a halt over his and wife's head.
He also stated the craft was not black, but non-descript and blended in with the sky.
He also stated that the craft had a row of lights which were only discernible when the craft was banking at the correct angle.
DATELINE: June 23, 1997
Riddle of the biggest UFO yet.
Bill Coles (in New York)
The biggest UFO sighting in the history has left defence chiefs baffled - and thousands of witnesses are now convinced we are NOT alone. A giant V-shaped object with red and white lights cruised silently for 200 miles over Arizona. The slow moving UFO the size of three football pitches, was visible for nearly two hours. It was first spotted by a retired cop - and soon police were flooded with reports.
Pilots and air traffic controllers were among the witnesses. Dozens of people shot video footage as the UFO passed low over Phoenix at around 8:15pm on March 13. And despite three months of computer analysis, no one yet has come up with any explanation.
Trucker Bill Griener, 51, watched three fighters scramble to intercept the mystery craft. He said: "It shot straight up and disappeared. I've seen something that don't belong here."
As you can see this was only a small article.
In an infinite universe, infinitely anything is possible. Sean Jones

DATELINE: June 20, 1997
I do truly believe, after considerable thought and soul-searching, that the UFO sighting of 3-13-97 over Phoenix--was a random visit--just as the June 11, 1995 visit to a small town in Texas (Cleburne), which I witnessed and videotaped in broad-daylight--was random. UFOs are seen and photographed all over the world, and to assume that there is some 'ages-old' reason for the Phoenix visit--is pure folly. Why would the gigantic UFO of ten days earlier (June 1, 1995) over Cleburne, TX., with the smaller objects zipping downwards at a 90 degree angle,in-formation, with one object zipping upwards towards the 'Mothership' not be more important than the Phoenix sighting, when I captured the whole thing on videotape? Could my proven clairvoyant abilities have something to do with it? Why has the major, worldwide media shunned me by condemning the footage, without even seeing it? Are there proven clairvoyants in Phoenix? Do you start to get my drift? Read my accountings of the best documented video of a broad-daylight UFO at:IUFOMRC.COM and decide for yourself. We will not know "why Phoenix,"or, "why Cleburne," for some time. Am I jealous of all of the attention being given to this night-time UFO over Phoenix? Possibly, since I have labored so hard to bring the Cleburne footage to the world. Broad-daylight video would objectively impress me--if I were removed from the event. Therefore, in closing: to make more of this Phoenix sighting than for what it probably was: a random visit, is pure speculation--but great fodder for the famous voices out there to expound their own beliefs of some 'ages-old-meaning' to the word 'Phoenix,' and nothing more. It will be great for the Phoenix economy, however, which's good. It did little for the small Texas town of Cleburne--because its just that: a small Texas town. I am happy for all of us and the people of Phoenix that this sighting took place, but in the words of King Solomon: "Time, and chance, happens to us all." Amen. What say ye(y'all)? Jason Leigh, Ph.D.
DATELINE: June 20, 1997
Arizona governor Fife Symington called a press conference today on the Phoenix masssighting. All Phoenix news and media were in attendance and coverage is ongoing. Tom played the video audio over the phone. An announcer was hyping it all up. The governor comes on and says he had seen a video of the sighting and said it was intriguing and we are going to get to the bottom of this. He said he is going to get DPS[department of public safety to investigate] and that they had some secret evidence and proceeded to bring out a guy with a gray alien mask on. News and City council woman Barwood have been bombarded by calls with people in outrage. The news are running special opinions polls on whether he ingoing to do an investigation and response on what appears to be a very stupid and in very poor taste jokemixed in with the press conference. Doesn't sound like too many at the conference or in Phoenix are laughing.
DATELINE: June 19, 1997
Might want to keep the VCRs ready. Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw did shows on the masssighting in Arizona last night. Good Morning America had the city council woman this morning on the show. Hard Copy is at Village Labs now for a show probably airing today or tomorrow. Extra misdoing a 5 part show. [the Salida footage will air June 30] The producer says we are just going to let people tell their stories. She is a definite believer. The truck driver was on KTLA radio in Pittsburgh yesterday. The heat is on. Tim
This is UNBELIEVABLE. One (1) hour after the Governor of Arizona announces a serious investigation into the Phoenix sightings of March 13, he holds a second press conference to announce it was all a joke. A reporter from the Tucson Daily Star contacted me just minutes ago to get my reaction to this announcement. I told him that with a governor on the hot seat (in trial) to do this is outrageous and pointless. Did someone warn him not to pursue this course? And what was this mysterious evidence turned up by the DPS? I am pursuing answers to this tonight.
Bill Hamilton Executive Dir. SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL
DATELINE: June 19, 1997
Strange Events in Phoenix
Yesterday, June 18, several large propane explosions rocked Phoenix Arizona. At the same time all major TV Networks ran in depth stories on a large alleged UFO seen over Phoenix 3 months ago on March 13. Reports today, June 19, indicate large numbers of FBI agents in Phoenix.
The alleged UFO photographed and seen by many residents did not exhibit swift or radical high speed direction changes but seemed to float quietly above the city. The vehicle was wedge-shaped somewhat similar to the B-2 however much larger and without visible or audible engines. Residents described the craft as extremely quiet, even quieting the surrounding nighttime noises. Such descriptions are reminiscent of noise-cancellation devices.
Today June 19 Arizona Governor Fife Symington announced an official investigation into the alleged UFO. After this morning's announcement the governor proceeded to a hearing on improprieties in his office. After the hearing he then canceled the UFO investigation started this morning, June 19.
All of these events today and yesterday are related in some strange way. The first question must regard the simultaneous running of a 3 month old UFO story by all TV Networks. How could all of them decide to run the same ancient story on the same day? The second question regards the multiple propane tank explosions and numerous FBI agents in Phoenix.
The art of the magician is the art of diversion. The old UFO story is given lavish attention but the exploding propane tanks and FBI agents are not. It is reasonable to consider the propane explosions as deliberate, perhaps further acts of domestic "terrorism". In addition the alleged Phoenix UFO did not exhibit typical UFO maneuvers and seems to have some terrestrial design attributes.
If the UFO is a "Black" project then it is protected by National Security. It does however provide an interesting cover story. Why would a "Black" project be given so much exposure just to hide comparatively mundane propane tank explosions?
DATELINE: June 19, 1997
ABC "Good Morning America" had video, witnesses of the Phoenix sightings. As opposed to NBC last night, there was no sneering. The co-hosts admitted it was strange, bizarre and intriguing. They interviewed several Phoenix residents, including some children, who have witnessed these lights. What I found amusing was that Good Morning America's science editor has promised these kids that he'll investigate, have the videos scrutinized, and get to the truth. He felt it more likely to be a government experimental craft. If he can do what 50 years of serious UFO research had not been able to do, I'll be totally amazed!I'm sure many of you saw this story too on ABC this morning. Any comments?
DATELINE: June 18, 1997
According to a SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL: On the heels of today's excellent USA Todayfull page story on the ongoing Phoenix Sightings, NBC Nightly News ran a story of it's own during tonight's newscast as it's closing story.
The story was largely dismissive in tone as the reporter made all the usual references to the American people's present fascination with all things UFO in light of everything from the movieIndependence Day to the publicity surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Roswell Incident.
Still, the sight of Tom Brokaw snickering on national television...even as a spectacular video of the enormous six lights in a V formation covering the entire Phoenix skyline was shown behind him...was striking in a very eerie sort of way. It was as though Brokaw wasn't seeing the same footage his audience was. Or if he was...he was in some weird sort of denial.
DATELINE: May 8, 1997
On Thursday evening, May 8, 1997, the syndicated entertainment news magazine "Extra" offered a segment on the recent Arizona UFO flap. No critical analysis of the evidence was attempted. No reasonable, prosaic explanations were posited. Instead, the producers opted for a golly-gosh approach geared to an audience of true believers. The segment included amateur video footage of the strange lights. At one point, the camera zooms in on a glowing object and causes a 'rack focus' that diffuses and distorts the image. The far too cheerful "Extra" commentator stated, "Up close they seem to spin, a swirling pool of liquid amber. But, was it an alien spacecraft or an earthly apparition? Back on the evening of October 16, 1996, similar lights were seen and video taped over Adams County, Ohio.
Apparently the government's official line is the "UFOs" were nothing more than military flares dispensed by Air National Guard [ANG] F-16 jets as part of training maneuvers. The air space over that part of Adams County where the lights were observed is designated as the Buckeye MOA [Military Operating Area]. Clearly, there is a down-to-earth explanation for these events, events uncannily similar to the Arizona sightings.
DATELINE: May 1, 1997
John Greenwald received a letter dated May 1, 1997 from Luke AFB. John had made inquires under the Freedom of Information Act for any documents etc. concerning the mysterious lights over Phoenix, Arizona.
According to Nel M. Flagler, Chief, Records Management, Information Systems Flight, Lukes AFB, "On the evening of 13 Mar 97, our command post and other base agencies received telephone calls about the sights that may saw in the sky over Arizona. In the days that followed, our public affairs office also handled call about the same subject.
In summary, we have no records to give you, and we assure you that Luke AFB aircraft were not involved in any way with the phenomena reported on the night of 13 Mar 97. The mission of the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base (AFB) is to train F-16 fighter pilots. We are notan air defense base which maintains aircraft on "scramble" status. Instead, our pilots are instructors and trainees learning to fly the F-16 and employ it in the ground attack and aerial combat missions. While we routinely have aircraft airborne at night, their mission is not to investigate unusual aerial sightings, nor would be asked to do so. On the night of 13 Mar 97, our aircraft were involved in normal training missions and had no involvement whatsoever with the lights observed over Phoenix.
DATELINE: March 26, 1997
More recently, a happening on March 26, 1997, was witnessed by thousands of persons across a wide area of Southern Ohio. The reported happening also has striking similarities to theArizona event and the October 16th event from Ohio. Any further similarities that exist between the Arizona and Southern Ohio events will be determined after comprehensive analysis of the videotapes and eyewitness statements.
DATELINE: March 13, 1997
When it appeared in the Arizona sky on the night of March 13, it was witnessed by hundreds of people. Neither researchers nor witnesses have yet figured out what Arizonan's saw in the event now dubbed "the Phoenix Lights." But that hasn't stopped them from trying to puzzle it out.
Tim Ley and his family are among the hundreds of witnesses who have come forward to talk about the Phoenix Lights. They first saw the lights while looking north from their Phoenix home.
Now, their recollections of what they saw have been transformed into computer images, using a combination of digital photos of the landscape taken by Ley and computer drawings of the objects his family saw in the sky.
"When it finally got here and we realized this thing was coming right over us, we really started getting antsy," Ley said. Then, said he and his son Hal, it went directly overhead in completesilence.
Tim Ley said that when the right side of what appeared to be a giant V-shaped craft passed directly over him, the left side was a couple of blocks away.
His wife, Bobbi, who also saw the aerial light show, said the size of the craft they saw was overwhelming. But, she said, "It didn't seem threatening. ... When it was right overhead and we couldn't hear a sound, it was like you're just awestruck."
Jim Dilettoso of Village Labs, who has been researching UFOs for 20 years, is in the process of reconstructing the incident with a virtual reality model.
The Leys are among the hundreds of witnesses he interviewed about the Phoenix Lights. He said he considers the family to be "very reliable,"and their data "very important," because by their account they were so close to the craft.
While nobody knows for sure what the Leys and hundreds of others saw,Tim Ley is sure his family will never forget that night. He said it has changed his outlook on the UFO movement, turning him from a "polite skeptic" to someone quite open to the experiences of UFO believers.
"We just re-experience it every time we tell it," said his wife. "It's like it was just yesterday. We've never seen anything like it."
All above information plus photos and video can be found at the CNN Website:
DATELINE: March 13, 1997
Reportedly seen by hundreds of witnesses, a flurry of UFOs swept across extensive areas of the Southwest over several evenings last week, most notably during Thursday night, March 13, 1997. The event, which is being widely publicized by area television stations, was videotaped from several locations.
A preliminary inventory of the reported characteristics of the UFOs suggests some similarities to objects seen by dozens of witnesses across Southern Ohio and Tennessee on October 16, 1996: the flare-like quality of the lights and the unusual aerodynamic behavior.

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